Carhartt PrecisionFit Custom Seat Covers

By Covercraft

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Manufacturer's Description

Our Carhartt Seat Covers are made from the same iconic duck-weave fabric you have come to love in the clothing. Made from the strongest cotton and is there most durable canvas. This fabric is crafted with added toughness and water repellency to hold up to the toughest abrasions and spills. Carhartt Brown Duck was initially created by Hamilton Carhartt for railroad worker overalls back in 1915 which revolutionized the clothing for the working class that needed clothing to hold up extreme abuse in any weather. This duck fabric has continued to evolve over the years though the initial duck fabric is still in use. We use the Firm Duck fabric in our seat covers to provide the rugged protection, comfort, and style you need in your seats.

Product Research

5th Gen Rams
I took the plunge and went all out on seat covers. I love the interior of the new ram, and didn't want to ruin it by loose fitting or cheap seat covers. I found out Precision Fit is right down the road from me near Denver, CO, so took a drive down, spoke to them, saw some samples, and was sold. This is for a Bighorn Cloth interior. Quad Cab. Truly...they are so nice that I don't even want to get them dirty....which kind of defeats their purpose. As they're covers, I was not expecting perfe... Visit Site