Microfiber PrecisionFit Custom Seat Covers

By Covercraft

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Manufacturer's Description

Luxurious seat covers that look and feel like suede, yes please! Our Microfiber Seat Covers are specially engineered with ultra fine fibers to be super soft, very stain resistant, and cool to the touch. If you brush your hand over the microfiber you will see it react the way fine suede does giving it a brushed suede look typically only found in high end luxury vehicles. Our Covercraft Microfiber Seat Covers are custom-fit for your exact vehicle seats. We tailor every seat cover to fit your seat like a second skin and never obstruct any of your factory seat knobs, levers, buttons, or arm rests. If your vehicle has seat airbags we use the same type of hidden tear-away stitching that are used on your factory seats for a sleek finished look that keeps your safety a priority. Enjoy driving again with our premium microfiber seat covers. We also add a little extra foam-backing to give your seats some added driving comfort. Upgrade your vehicle today for a comfortable ride with added style. Available in a wide range of color options for cars, trucks, and SUV's. Every seat cover is sold per row and includes all applicable headrests, armrests, and console covers. We even include a full-size map pocket on the back-side of your front seats so you never lose any storage.

Product Research

5th Gen Rams
I took the plunge and went all out on seat covers. I love the interior of the new ram, and didn't want to ruin it by loose fitting or cheap seat covers. I found out Precision Fit is right down the road from me near Denver, CO, so took a drive down, spoke to them, saw some samples, and was sold. This is for a Bighorn Cloth interior. Quad Cab. Truly...they are so nice that I don't even want to get them dirty....which kind of defeats their purpose. As they're covers, I was not expecting perfe... Visit Site