Neoprene PrecisionFit Custom Seat Covers

By Covercraft

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Manufacturer's Description

When you want seat covers that are highly water resistant and hug every curve you want neoprene. Our covers use the same quality material that can be found in high quality wetsuits surfers use around the world. We pair our neoprene seat covers with thick foam to add additional comfort while you drive. Neoprene Seat Covers are custom-fit to your exact car, truck, or SUV seats and designed to fit like a glove or second skin. We take precision measurements to make sure we never obstruct any functions of your factory seats. We use the same tear-away stitching on seat air bags used in your factory seats to ensure a sleek look while keeping your safety a priority. Neoprene is very easy to install as it stretches and then quickly compresses to your seat for a perfect fit. Choose from a wide range of sporty colors to complimentary colors. There are different types of neoprene out there. Genuine CR-Grade neoprene is highly water resistant while knock-off neoprene might look the same are not water resistant and are very porous. Drive with confidence with our quality genuine neoprene seat covers.

Product Research

5th Gen Rams
I took the plunge and went all out on seat covers. I love the interior of the new ram, and didn't want to ruin it by loose fitting or cheap seat covers. I found out Precision Fit is right down the road from me near Denver, CO, so took a drive down, spoke to them, saw some samples, and was sold. This is for a Bighorn Cloth interior. Quad Cab. Truly...they are so nice that I don't even want to get them dirty....which kind of defeats their purpose. As they're covers, I was not expecting perfe... Visit Site