Rear Deck Cover

By Covercraft

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Manufacturer's Description

Our rear dash covers are custom-made for older Sedans and Coupes which covers rear decks. Available in our famous Original Dashmat Carpet in 11 colors to compliment your interior. Rear DashMats are custom fit for a perfect fit to reduce sun damage and harmful UV rays. The car rear deck can radiate a tremendous amount of heat back into the vehicle due to the incline of the rear windshield, but our carpet dashmats will absorb heat keeping your car cooler and protected from deterioration.

Product Research

I live in a desert & have dash mats in all our vehicles for the same reason, as well as to protect the dash. Tried a few different ones, but the ones I've found to work & look the best are the SuedeMat from Dashmat. Visit Site

MX-5 Miata
I purchased my sixth DashMat product for the Miata. I had great service from the mats in OTMs, including one still in my Protege. This one I got in the "suede" material, and I like it very much. It isn't the heavy and thick, carpet-like material, rather a relatively thin, yet classy-looking suede finish. I have had it almost two years now, looks brand-new. Visit Site

Ram Forumz
For years I've had one in every vehicle I owned ;) Not only do they protect but here in the desert they keep the glare down as well :smileup: Mine fits so good that I have not used the Velcro and it's stay's put even with the side and beer windows open ! Visit Site